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My name is Andrea Michelena.

I have always been involved in fashion, gastronomy and art, trying to blend my passions with work.


Today I work as a full-time artist, creating my own patterns on canvases and using different media to create sculptures.

I use various ideas, materials and colours to create a diverse and unique set of sculptures, paintings and sketches.  I believe I have a unique perspective that is influenced and inspired by passion and conflict.

My artwork evokes these emotions.

I am also a peculiar artist when it comes to achieving the result I am looking for. Some of my pieces can take up to 6 months to complete due to the level of details and complexity I feel it needs to express. And this expression is important because of the human interaction it brings, and this is one of my main objectives. I want people to react to my work, to be puzzled.

I believe that human interaction is an exchange of feelings. The reaction I see from others about my art is surely the inspiration for the next one.

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