a bit about us...


Cris and Andrea moved to London in 2005 looking for new challenges. They have been together since 1995 married in 1998, keeping the same enthusiasm throughout the years. They appreciate art, good food and smart conversations. Of course they have a special passion together - Basset Hounds. 

They believe there is no right or wrong; there is life, choices and respect. For them life is good and they try to make the most out of it.

Andrea is a English-Brazilian citizen born in 1973. She has always been involved in fashion, gastronomy and art, trying to blend her passions with work. In her spare time she likes to run and chase new flavours for her cooking. 

Cris is an Italian-Brazilian citizen born in 1971. He twice represented Brazil at the Olympic Games (Seoul & Barcelona) as swimmer. Today he works as engineer designing green buildings around the world.

In his spare time he likes to run, bake and of course to put his creativity at maximum. Sketching is his main art domain.